Indies Support Petition Against Garden Village

The Wivenhoe Independents are supporting a petition calling for a rethink on the ‘Garden Village’ that has been proposed close to our town.

We would welcome anyone who feels similar to download a copy of the petition and circulate amongst friends, family and work colleagues.

Any copies can then be handed back to the Wivenhoe Independents for a formal presentation to Colchester Borough Council.

You can download a copy of the petition over here [Word doc].

The full wording for the petition is as follows:

Colchester Council and Tendring Council wish to build up to 9,000 homes between the A133/Clingoe Hill and the A120 over the next 30 years. This massive development will be entirely built on green fields. We believe it will dramatically change the area surrounding Wivenhoe.

We, the undersigned, have concerns over the environmental impact, the loss of top grade farming land, and the impact on local services such as the General Hospital.  We are also concerned about the lack of Secondary School places with no finance or concrete commitment to build a secondary school on the site.

Any additional burden placed on Wivenhoe facilities cannot be tolerated. We urge Colchester and Tendring Councils to put existing residents and the environment first and stop building on our green fields.